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About InkPixi

Who is InkPixi? That might depend on who you ask. For those of us who work here, it’s a great job with great people – a company that believes in profit sharing and cares about our well-being. And to our customers, we're a group of creative people from small-town Pennsylvania – people who make unique, personalized gifts for every occasion.

For more than 20 years, InkPixi has set the standard for that spark of joy you get when you see something made just for you. Our artists have crafted hundreds of unique designs for every interest, occasion, hobby, passion, and… well, for every customer. And with each made-to-order gift we ship comes great satisfaction knowing that we helped bring a bit more happiness into people’s lives.

So who is InkPixi? We like to think of ourselves as a personalized gift-giving company with great customer service and great products, custom-made by great people for great people like you.

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