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Canadian Flag

Design A341

Personify your Canadian pride with a personalized Canadian Flag tee shirt. Match with a hat, ladies tee or toddler shirt. Great for the whole family.

Design Notes: The maple leaf began to serve as a Canadian symbol around 1700. The official inauguration ceremony for the Canadian Flag was held in 1965. As the new maple leaf flag was raised, the crowd sang the national anthem,” O Canada,” followed by the royal anthem, “God Save the Queen. “

Canadian Flag Sports Grey Adult T-Shirt

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Canadian Flag Sports Grey Adult Hooded Sweatshirt

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Canadian Flag Sports Grey Adult Long Sleeve

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Canadian Flag Sports Grey Adult Sweatshirt

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Canadian Flag Khaki Embroidered Hat

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Canadian Flag Sports Grey Baby Bodysuit

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    It was a gift for my son in law and he really liked it. I wish the tee shirt was offered in Published 4 years ago by Merrie (Boston , Ma 01810)

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