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Classic Family Reunion

Design A128

Personalize our Classic Family Reunion tee shirts with your name. Make memories with a customized sweatshirt, long sleeve t-shirt, or hat. Get one for the entire family.

Classic Family Reunion Sand Adult T-Shirt

Printed T-Shirts
Classic Family Reunion Stone Embroidered Hat

Embroidered Baseball Hats
Classic Family Reunion Sand Adult Hooded Sweatshirt

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Classic Family Reunion Sand Adult Long Sleeve

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Classic Family Reunion Sand Adult Sweatshirt

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Customer reviews for "Classic Family Reunion" design

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  • Rating:

    The Family Reunion Shirts are worn to our Family reunions... we bought some to check them out first...we all were very pleased. Now, we are looking for another order...I like that there is no pocket on the front. It just doesn''t look right on a shirt with writing...on a t''shirt, ok. Will be ordering again...thanks! Published 10 years ago by Mish ("Northern"... New York, -- )

  • Rating:

    Very happy with the quality of the fabric. Great embroidered stitching. Published 1 decade ago by Kim the Comic (Boston, MA )

  • Rating:

    Well-made, quality shirts! Published 1 decade ago by Kristen (Big Rapids, MI )

  • Rating:

    [...] Published 1 decade ago by Mary (Arlington, TX )

  • Rating:

    Family reunion Published 1 decade ago by Carolyn (Durham, Ca )

  • Rating:

    I love it. It''s a great idea and I''ll enjoy wearing it to our family reunion. Published 1 decade ago by T-bone (Shoreview, MN )

  • Rating:

    These shirts were a hit with family and will help us remember this special time together. Wonderful quality fabric and design. Thank you! Published 1 decade ago by Sly (Grove city, PA )

  • Rating:

    Bought one of each size plus a hat to take/wear to the family reunion. Several family members asked about ordering them....We decided we wanted them without the year imprinted next time, because they will probably last forever. Published 1 decade ago by Jane (Buffalo, New York )

  • Rating:

    [...] Looks great. Published 1 decade ago by Bennie the Teddy Bear (Crawford, Texas )

  • Rating:

    I really enjoy shopping with Ink Pixie. First of all, they are a Penna. based company ! The shirts fit well. I really like the sweat shirts and don''t know if I would switch back to my other brand. They are roomy and the neck is roomy. I REALLY noticed a difference when I put my other sweatshirt on. I really also like the many choices in the designs. Loved the Family Reuion offerings. We are having our 46th this yr. My only crictism would be the hats which I really liked, but I would prefer a choice of summer or winter material. I got a hat for our family reunion which is in August I love the quality and design, but would prefer a lighter weight material for the summer months. I am a major hat person ! Can I also suggest you think about printing dog breeds on the shirts...I would be your number one customer ..Pomeranian please :-) Maybe more variety in shirt colors. My suggests are only to enhace an already great product I would recommend to fact I do ! Denise Tiderman Shartlesville, Pa. Published 1 decade ago by RdgGal (Shartlesville, Pa )

  • Rating:

    Everyone at our family reunion asked where we ordered our shirts! They were such a big hit. Several cousins suggested that next time we plan our reunion, we take orders. Everyone wanted one! Published 1 decade ago by Jack and Carol (Houston Texas, -- )

  • Rating:

    Great service and products! Published 1 decade ago by Granny (Missouri, -- )

  • Rating:

    I got one for my daughter and I for our upcoming family reunion. I got a ''farm'' shirt for our grandson who loves to spend time on our farm with his ''Papa''. Published 1 decade ago by Brenda (Brighton, Iowa )

  • Rating:

    I really enjoy the t shirts and hats that I have purchased in the past and have given several of them as gifts,... my most recent purchase will be worn during the celebration of my family''s 100th family reunion which is quite and accomplishment in its self... Published 1 decade ago by Deb (Springfield Ohio, -- )

  • Rating:

    The hit of our family reunion was wearing our t-shirts to so many family activities. It was fun watching everyone count how many people were in our family by our t-shirts. The shirts were made of high quality material and everything was made so simple to order from Ink Pixi website to Ink Pixi sending us e-mails letting us know that they received our order and when they shipped the order out. The price to have personalized t-shirts and hats were very responsible too especially for the high quality of the product. Thanks Ink Pixi Robin H from Cumming GA Published 1 decade ago by Robin H. (Cumming GA, -- )

  • Rating:

    Family Reunion Published 1 decade ago by Bossy (Carmichael, Ca. )

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