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Mexican Flag

Design A313

Personalize a Mexican Flag tee shirt and place your cultural pride on display. Customize hats and sweatshirts too. Perfect for family gatherings and reunions.

Design Notes: The flag was adopted in 1968, but goes back some 600 years prior. The green on the flag signifies hope; the white, unity; and the red, blood of heroes. On February 24, Flag Day is celebrated in Mexico with civic ceremonies. When the Mexican flag is displayed the people stand at attention, right arm placed in a salute over their chest with the palm facing downward.

Mexican Flag Sports Grey Adult T-Shirt

Printed T-Shirts
Mexican Flag Khaki Embroidered Hat

Embroidered Baseball Hats
Mexican Flag Sports Grey Adult Hooded Sweatshirt

Printed Hoodies
Mexican Flag Sports Grey Adult Long Sleeve

Printed Long Sleeves
Mexican Flag Sports Grey Adult Sweatshirt

Printed Sweatshirts
Mexican Flag Sports Grey Baby Bodysuit

Printed Baby Bodysuits


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  • Rating:

    I’ve loved all the things I’ve ordered from InkPixi so far.... mugs,shirts,cap. And they process and ship everything fast! Look forward to shopping more and spreading the word! Published 9 months ago by Virginia Borja (Bakersfield , CA 93313)

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    part of my order was a gift for my brother. He LOVED IT! the other part was for me. I loved everything about the order. when people saw me wear the items they wanted to know where I got them. Published 7 years ago by Flo (Reynoldsburg, Ohio )

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    Placing my orders was easy; delivery was fast Published 7 years ago by Lynn (Grand Prairie, TX )

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